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Adventures of Cake Girl is my where I document my food adventures. I started this blog a few years back when I attended baking & pâtisserie school, just a way to keep track of my ideas. As time went one, my take on food evolved and I found my own style. The recipes I like to post  are simple, easy and comforting.

My food inspiration comes from my father. He always had passion and patience for teaching me how to cook as a young girl. My dad's motivation and patience has always inspired me want to become a better cook and later on to become a baker. My passion for cooking and baking grew more and more and then I finally made the decision to go to  baking & pâtisserie school.

Baking & pâtisserie school made me want to me start Adventures of Cake Girl contains vegan recipes that are mostly gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free. This blog was  a way to express my love for food because the things baked and cooked in school were things that were non-vegan.

Upon graduating  baking & pâtisserie school Cake Girl was created. Cake Girl a small local home based bakery that produces vegan and some gluten-free pastries. We just do pop-up's and events for now, but I hope that one that I can save up enough to open up a physical location. Until then I will keep baking from home, posting blog entries and wait eagerly for comments.

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~Cake Girl.

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