Monday, January 27, 2014

Vegan Super Bowl Sunday 2014 Recipes (easy snack recipes)

Super Bowl Sunday is coming near! February 2, 2014 to be exact! Every year for Super Bowl Sunday I am the chef in charge. I cook both vegan and non-vegan munchies for the Super Bowl. I understand that even vegans enjoy hanging out and watching the Sunday game. I posted some the dishes I enjoy making for the game watchers. 

I categorized my Vegan Super Bowl Sunday Munchie recipe menu into dips, cold sides, hot sides, and finger foods. I am sure there are more categories but I narrowed them down to make Super Bowl cooking much easier.

For the dips I have my vegan spinach Artichoke Dip, it is always such a popular item. I think both vegan and non-vegans enjoy chips with a warm creamy side. I also have a Agave Mustard Dressing, the name says dressing but I use it more like a dip, it goes really well with my String Bean Potato Poppers below too.

The Cold Sides I have a nontraditional  Vegan Crab-Less Jackfruit Cevechi. This is on of my favorite recipes, because the Jackfruit adapts the texture of the crab and when it gets marinated in the lime juice it taste really similar to real crab ceviche. Just serve this Vegan Crab-Less Jackfruit Cevechi on to a tostada and drizzle some Tapatio on it and you will be totally satisfied. To go along with the Vegan Crab-Less Jackfruit Cevechi, I have the Cactus Salad. If you have had cactus before, you should give it a try. The texture is a bit slimy like okra and has a tangy taste but once you have gotten use to the slimminess and the tangy taste I think you can fall in love with cactus salad and its super healthy.

For the Hot Sides I have the potato tacos 2 ways. I have a grilled potato taco recipe and a fried potato taco recipe but both taste great and your guest with enjoy them too. Then I add my vegan macaroni and cheese and to go with the vegan macaroni and cheese there is vegan CHILI. I love the combination of macaroni and cheese and chili, its so fulfilling and comforting. The vegan chili is my super easy 2 ingredient recipe it only takes 5 minutes total to make!

Lastly, I have the finger foods. I have included my homemade gluten-free flax and sunflower seed crackers. These will go great dipped in the vegan chili or by its self. Your super bowl guest would never think there were healthy. And finally I have my String Bean Potato Poppers, they are these simple easy fried finger foods that will be a hit at the Super Bowl Party and they go great with the Agave Mustard Dressing or even mixed in with the vegan chili. Last but not least my famous gluten-free TVP meatball recipe. Skewer the meatballs after baking and you are set to dip them in your favorite sauces.

These are my blog recommendations that would guarantee a good ole time for your Super Bowl 2014 guest. I am sure my guest will enjoy them as well. As always enjoy the game and have fun!!! 

~Cake Girl

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