Friday, October 18, 2013

The Comforting Doughnut

When i was a child, my mother use to take me to our local corner doughnut shop to pick up a dozen of doughnuts. This was one of the pleasant memories that I can remember with my mother. We would always go to the doughnut shop before heading to our car mechanic on the weekend. Why we bought the mechanic doughnuts? I am not sure. As a child I just assumed it was a nice gesture to show up with a dozen of doughnuts on the weekends.  

On a good day my mother would allow me to pick something out from the bake case. Sometimes I would pick one of those ginormous chocolate chip cookies. The ones that are so big, that if you finish one as a child your stomach with ache from the sugary over load.Though most of the times I would just pick out a fried yeasty cruller, you know the twisted ones. 

My doughnut memory has evoked me to make some crullers. 

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