Saturday, August 17, 2013


Cake for any occasion is simply 'joy'. 
Recently my friend had a birthday and I was honored to bake her a cake. The one above is gluten-free chocolate and of course vegan too....! I use to think making vegan & gluten-free cakes were a hard task. I think this because I didn't understand the world of gluten-free flours. What flours absorb more than others and the texture of each....

Sooooo many gluten-free flours and so little time to experiment with all of them. I will say I only use brown rice flour, potato starch, coconut flour and tapioca flour (all can be found on or a store near you!). These four flours along with applesauce, rice milk, xanthan gum....and other secrets spices are my bread and butter for baking gluten-free. 

I guess my point is to never give up. Even if it takes so many tries to get it right! 


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