Friday, April 12, 2013

Assorted Vegan Gluten-Free Shortbread Cookie Box

Life is like a box of...shortbread. Well in this case it is. This was my week of experimenting with recipes and I just found my new favorite shortbread concoction. Still to this day when I think of shortbread, I am reminded of those shortbread cookies that come in a red package and have two sticks of shortbread inside.

Yes they are nice and buttery, crisp and go great with a cup of joe or tea or even milk. I am constantly reminded that the texture of that brand of cookie is simply the best and I strive to replicate it with a gluten-free and vegan shortbread version. And I have. 

I love making different types of shortbread. Below I made an assortment of black and whites, chocolate chips, sugared (the forked ones) and plan jane. All of them are equally satisfying.

The recipe for this gluten-free vegan shortbread cookie is soon to be posted.

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