Thursday, March 14, 2013

Raw Lasagna...My first raw food adventure

Raw food seems to be trendy as of....lately. Still there is a shortage of raw restaurants. And for those who are up and ready for business they are soooo expensive. I guess fresh and unprocessed really does mean $$$$$$ (only in the restaurants)

My close friend has came upon the holy raw food trend, which is not a bad thing. She kept saying 'raw' this, 'raw' that and more 'raw' stuff. So we decided to try out the adventure of raw foods together. Originally we were suppose to make a sweet raw recipe, but since it was around lunch time and the tummy is just the most honest organ begins to complain.

This made me look for a more lunch and tummy friendly recipe. As an inexperience raw food maker, I just wanted to make something simple and fun. I came upon this raw lasagna that didn't need a dehydrator, spiral slicer or a large amounts of different nuts for meat. The Crazy Raw Vegan Raw Lasagna  is the best recipe because it is so easy and flavorful.

Here is my version of the  The Crazy Raw Vegan Raw Lasagna. Don't let the word 'raw' make you feel that raw food isn't filling. Like any dish, it really depends what you utilize in it to give you that fullness factor. I know that I was pretty hungry before eating this raw lasagna and after I ate it. I was surprised that I was full and I was full for quite some time too. Also, making this meal was not costly at all. everything was under $20 with a serving of 4 people.

Try something new~

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