Monday, January 14, 2013

Baby Shower Cakespiration

Over the weekend I had a baby shower cake project. It was a bit overwhelming and challenging only because I haven't really been working on my cake design since pastry & baking school way back in 2010. Though what a great opportunity for me to work on my rust piping skills and cake coating tricks.

With this baby shower cake I had so much freedom of what I could do with it because the cake had little requirements design wise. The theme was for a girl and to make it 'simple' with whipped cream type frosting. There were just too many designs to work with.

Geez, where do I start??? After google so many traditional pink and yellow cakes and still undecided, I felt so defeated. Then the night before I had a cakespiration (made up word) pop right into my head! You know those petal cake designs that is popular now a days, especially with the ombre color thing going on? I wanted to do a white petal cake design and pink lettering to finish.

How simple and elegant did that sound? So I went on to bake the cake, make the whipped cream and began to assemble and execute my design. Well the hard part was spatualing the petal design  because I was using a cream cheese whipped cream, that was basically melting as I piped and it was very soft. But in the end even though it wasn't exactly what I had pictured it, the cake came out beautiful.

things i tell myself when baking gets tough:
"just do it"
"what would cake boss do in this situation?"
"live or die, my life depends on this."

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