Thursday, January 12, 2012

Jack Fruit Tacos

Jack Fruit tacos is such a delicious vegan carne asada taco substitute. It has that stringy meat flesh texture and when you season it up right, it takes the form of CARNE...but its totally vegan. I use to frequently visit a vegan jack fruit taco restaurant. The food there seemed a little over priced, about $10 for 2 jack fruit tacos with rice and beans. When did jack fruit cost so much? Yes, yes I know they were trying to stay in business, but so are the taco trucks and their tacos are less than $1 for one.

Anyways no more vegan dinning out for me now, its getting way expensive, I discovered how to make jack fruit tacos. Its very easy, and the trick is to slow cook the canned jack fruit (not in sugar syrup), let it marinate and what not. When I find the recipe I will post it up.

A little about the Jack Fruit, its from the native part of Southeast Asia. The flesh is starchy and its a great source of fiber about 3 grams per cup. Though nutrition wise, its very LOW on protein and vitamins...its high in vitamin C, but you can get that in many other fruits and veggies.

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